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Trusted Housesitters helps to match up travelers with those looking for someone to take care of their home and their pets. You pay $190.40 as an annual fee and then nothing additional. That annual payment gives you access to unlimited FREE pet care from the community when you are traveling. All of the sitters are verified and reviewed on the site. There is a 24 hour vet advice line as well as a welcome guide made specifically for your home and pets to provide your sitters.

As a house sitter you will receive the ability to apply for unlimited house and pet sitting opportunities. You will also receive daily alerts on new house sitting opportunities. While you are sitting you will also have access to Vet Advice Line along with 24/7 membership services support.

When you register for TrustedHousesitters with a referral code you will receive 20% off your annual registration cost which is a direct savings of $38.80.


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