Getting Started

We all use services that come with a referral bonus, but rarely do we actually look for someone to refer and collect on this opportunity. get referred. links together those of us looking to sign up for a new service and save, with those that already subscribe and can receive a benefit from a referral.

Post a Referral

Have your own referral code that others can use? Post it to our Submit Code page! This will add your code to the list others will be able to use when they sign up for the same service.

Find a Referral of Your Own

Getting ready to sign up for a new service? Visit our Browse page first! Find the company and service you were going to sign up for any way and click "Get Code"! Use the displayed code when you go to sign up.

Everyone Benefits

When you post your own code, you'll get the bonus reward when others use it.
When you use someone else's code, you'll get the bonus reward when you sign up for that service.
Yup! It's that simple! Everyone gets rewarded whether you submit or use codes!


1. What if I get a code that doesn’t work?

We do our best to ensure that every code works, but this may happen occasionally. Simply click the thumbs down and a new code/link will appear for you to use.

2. How do I know my code has been used?

Once your code is used, you will be notified by your referring company. They will notify you of a successful referral and the reward you've earned for it (i.e. cash, credit towards your account, points, etc.) You can also check your My Account and scroll down to the "code you've submitted" section to view how many times your code has been used. If you have not been rewarded by the company that owns the referral program, please contact us via the Feedback tab and we would be happy to look into it for you.

3. How do you decide what code to use?

We use a specific algorithm in a lottery style drawing that increases each user's chances based on their activity on the site. The more company codes you upload the more chances you have to cash in. Visit our Community section to learn how to increase your chances of your code being used!

4. What if I have a code for a company that I do not see?

Click here to submit a new company! In the future, you can also click on the Submit Code tab from the top menu and click on the “Don't see your company or program? Click here to add one.” link at the bottom to complete our new company form. We want to make sure we are offering every referral possible so we provide extra incentives for users that submit a new company.